Ylichron is the first spin off company of ENEA (Italian Agency for the New Technologies, the Energy and the Sustainable Economic Growth).

The name Ylichron comes from the fusion of the Greek words υλη (matter) and χρονοσ (time), to indicate that Ylichron was born to give efficient answers to computational problems arising in technical and scientific fields.

Ylichron has been established on 2005 through a grant from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research for the development of a new product in the field of automatic design of dedicated hardware architectures starting from high level specifics (project Harwest). The software tool, realized within the Harwest project, has been realized and put on the market on 2009 under the commercial name of HCE.

During 2010, the whole technology and the tool HCE itself have been conferred to a newco, established among Ylichron S.r.l. and the PLDA Group S.A.S., named Accelize S.A.S. which will continue the development of the tool within a larger framework of production of FPGA accelerator cards and clusters. To date, Accelize S.A.S. has generated a newco PLDA Italia S.r.l. committed to this goal.

During these years, Ylichron S.r.l. has consolidated its expertises in the field of high performance computing, in its applications in different technological areas, in software design, in the realization of large project integrating tools, methods and systems typical of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Ylichron S.r.l. know-how covers a broad range of topics, from optimization to the simulation of physical phenomena, from bioinformatics to the analysis of images and signals, from parallel processing to the design of embedded parallel architectures.

Currently, Ylichron S.r.l. has two distinct activity branches:

It acts as an ICT technology provider, by exploiting its expertises in the different areas (hardware design, telecommunication systems, efficient software design and implementation) mainly in the area of Decision Support Systems in the area of Security

From 2010 to 2016 it has operated a biotechnological Laboratory (Genechron) which delivers advanced biotechnological services (genomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, molecular design, metabolic in silico design) to market’s customers. To date the Genechron Laboratory branch has been acquired by the newco Genechron Srl, established in 2016.

Ylichron S.r.l. has a totally private shareholder composition.

It is a microenterprise in the sense stated by EU under Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003.


Ylichron S.r.l. brings research outcomes into technologies for realizing new products/services.

The Company is managed by a Sole Administrator:

Ylichron S.r.l. main concern is to directly bring research outcomes into technology of new products/services.

This task is pursued by leveraging on several assets:

  • Ylichron has been incubated and has grown within the largest italian multi-disciplinar research center (ENEA Casaccia Research Center, nearby Roma). It can directly benefit of a stimulating scientific environment where it can cultivate relevant scientific interactions and be involved in advanced technological programs
  • Ylichron founders and chief scientists have a long lasting experience in research activities, in different areas. The company personnel is also recruited within the scientific research community. A such, they start from a common ground of experiences, methods, understandings

Current research at Ylichron encompass different areas:

  • ICT
  • Design and realization of new class of Decision Support System where data analysis and simulation of complex technological and natural systems contribute to risk assessment and impact evaluations

Life Sciences:

  • New protocols for neonatal screening of metabolic deseases
  • Bioinformatic methods for large genome assembly
  • Numerical methods for the metabolic pathways engineering