Ylichron S.r.l. brings research outcomes into technologies for realizing new products/services.

The Company is managed by a Sole Administrator:

Ylichron S.r.l. main concern is to directly bring research outcomes into technology of new products/services.

This task is pursued by leveraging on several assets:

  • Ylichron has been incubated and has grown within the largest italian multi-disciplinar research center (ENEA Casaccia Research Center, nearby Roma). It can directly benefit of a stimulating scientific environment where it can cultivate relevant scientific interactions and be involved in advanced technological programs
  • Ylichron founders and chief scientists have a long lasting experience in research activities, in different areas. The company personnel is also recruited within the scientific research community. A such, they start from a common ground of experiences, methods, understandings

Current research at Ylichron encompass different areas:

  • ICT
  • Design and realization of new class of Decision Support System where data analysis and simulation of complex technological and natural systems contribute to risk assessment and impact evaluations

Life Sciences:

  • New protocols for neonatal screening of metabolic deseases
  • Bioinformatic methods for large genome assembly
  • Numerical methods for the metabolic pathways engineering

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