The MUSE (MUltisensor based SErvices) project presented in the Aerospace Specialization Area intends to create a service prototype for the assessment of multi-hazard risk in urban environments, accounting for risks mainly induced by problems of a geo-dynamic, atmospheric and environmental nature capable of causing damage to the territory, citizens and assets.

The MUSE project will realize and test a platform of services by using technologies spanning from remote sensing, proximal sensing and ground sensing for the analysis of urban and extra-urban territories, in order to locale possible ground anomalies (particularly sinkholes). Moreover, it will deal with the set up of a service of environmental gas detection and measure during emergencies (pollutants, venomous gases released from accidental losses or created from fires of unknown substances etc.)
The MUSE platform will encompass:

– analysis of satellite data (SAR) for large scale ground analysis and the location of anomalies through “change detection” (identification of permament scatterers displacement inward (subsidence) or outward (ground raise)





– analysis of georadar in the hundred-thousand MHz range