Finanziato dal MUR nell’ambito del
Programma Nazionale Ricerca 2015-2020


System for Risk Analysis and Forecasting system for Critical Infrastructure in the ApenninEs dorsaL Regions

The RAFAEL project is part of technological developments over the last few years and it aims to integrate ad hoc technologies developed in the project into a platform, the CIPCast Decision Support System (DSS), which will become the reference platform to provide services to companies and to the Public Administration through the constitution of EISAC.it which will carry out its operational deployment in Italy.

CIPCast is an advanced DSS for predicting the impact of natural or man-made events on Critical Infrastructures (CI): in addition to predicting the likelihood of individual elements being damaged, CIPCast also evaluates the impact on services and the consequences on the population and on the industrial system. In addition to being a system that captures real-time data by providing a predictable 24/7 operating system, CIPCast can generate synthetic scenarios (earthquakes, intense rainfall, terrorist or artifacts) and assess perturbations induced by such scenarios.

CIPCast is currently customized for the Lazio Region. The RAFAEL project will expand its use to the areas of southern Italy that are most exposed to natural or man-made dangers in order to progressively extend the functionality throughout the country

Through the RAFAEL project, the CIPCast platform will also be enriched with additional features derived from technologies available (and to be developed) in the partnership, which will improve its current capabilities, in particular with the development of new sensors and the introduction or remote sensing data in the analytical capabilities.

The RAFAEL project will produce 4 Test Cases in different areas:

  • city of Naples and the Vesuvian area
  • provinces of Catania and Messina
  • city of Bari
  • Risk forecast service on the area of a possible installation of the National Depository of Nuclear Waste

CIPCast functionality will be extended to include essential services and networks (electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, roads and railways), highlighting their functional dependencies so as to build a first Risk Management Forecast System on the “Integrated System of Systems” through the use of the appropriate systems dependency map.

All the actions that will be carried out in the RAFAEL project will be aimed at the regions of the South of the country but will bring significant contributions to the development of the system whose long-term objective will be to create an operational risk forecasting facility across the Country. In this sense, the RAFAEL project is part of a program at European level (the EISAC program), which aims to create risk analysis centers on Critical Infrastructures in all Member States (MS). The RAFAEL project will provide a further Italian contribution to the achievement of this objective.

Ylichron is developing new technologies for the deployment of data and information on the field by using Augmented reality technologies.

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System for Risk Analysis and Forecast for Critical Infrastructure in the ApenninEs dorsaL Regions Parners